+detail+ Illustration on book cover +detail+ Close-up of the inside pages. +detail+ Close-up of the hidden inside map. It is folded in a Turkish fold to fit neatly inside and to pop up as a surprise. It is a visual representation of my family's immigration and world travels.
+detail+ +detail+ Sample of spreads in the style guide. +detail+ Close-up of the logos and overall design of each region's subbrand as shown by the design of the business cards. This style is also applied to the letterheads and envelopes.
+detail+ Close-up of french fold spreads. +detail+ Sample of the spreads.
+detail+ Close-up of the bottles. +detail+ Screenshot of flash product website. The URL is http://plaza.ufl.edu/enoki/zero.html
+detail+ Surfboards' design close-up.
+detail+ Brochure detail.
+detail+ A couple of very popular shirt designs. The top was actually produced and sold out very quickly! +detail+ Live model shots of the front and back of the T-shirt. +detail+ Concept design for the team hoodie.
+detail+ +detail+

Silver Point Ocean Club banner ads.
+detail+ Detailed close-up. The character has a double meaning in the sense that the zeros which make up the big Mile 0 are called characters and each one is different!
+detail+ Close-up of the bottle labels and corresponding spout labels. +detail+ Sample from the process book.

Flash Site Concepts
Zero Centigrade Vodka, Inc.